Producing sails with the Mobile Activation Unit is a unique method.

The result, the sail, gets a smooth, strong laminated joint of even quality.

The production of large sails is easy, as the sail stays flat on the table or floor while you assembly panel after panel. The larger sail the more time you save in joining the panels

The MAM 1 is a manually operated device to activate the Q-Bond glued sail panels. This device can be used on any plane surface like a floor or table made of hardwood, particleboard or laminate floorboard. The temperature of the heated glue in the joint is measured after the ultrasonic activation and gives the operator information regarding the feeding speed for optimal result. The MAM 1 also features spray of ultrasonic activation fluid that improves the energy transmission and handling.

The device can be used either in the ordinary day-to-day production line at the sail makers loft or for ambulant repair or modifications of sails outside the loft environment.

The method and process of the Q-Bond activation device MAM 1 is Patent Pending.